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Top Tips For Learning How To Dive | Blog | Simply Swim

Diving into a swimming pool may appear simple at first glance, but mastering the art of a safe and graceful entry requires skill, technique, and practice. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your diving skills, these top tips will provide you with the essential knowledge to dive confidently in a swimming pool.

Before diving, it is crucial to ensure the pool is deep enough to accommodate a dive. The water should be at least 9 feet or 2.75 metres deep to prevent any risk of injury. Make sure there is plenty of space around you on the poolside and no one in the water in your diving area.


Stage 1

Take a seat on the edge of the pool with your legs in the water, your feet and knees can be together or slightly apart and hold a streamlined position with your arms above your head and hands grip tightly together, roll forward into the water, arms first and lifting your hips. Keep your head tucked in between your arms and squeeze your ears to prevent the infamous belly flop.

Stage 2

Kneel on the poolside with one knee close to the edge of the swimming pool gripping with your toes to prevent you from slipping off the edge and into the water. The toes on your rear foot need to be tucked under to give the platform to push into the water, arms are held in the streamline position, roll forward and overbalance into the water as you come into contact with the water, stretch out to glide under the water.

Stage 3

Hold a lunge position on poolside with one foot gripped on the edge of the pool and the other stretched behind, stretch your arms out in front in the streamline position ready for entry as your body overbalances into the water, your rear leg should lift and then stretch your body out to glide.


By following these guidelines, you'll develop the skills and confidence necessary to execute safe and graceful dives in any swimming pool. So, dive in, have fun, and make a splash while keeping safety at the forefront of your mind!