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We all complain about the English weather, pretty much every day. But in the Spring and Summer in the UK the weather isn’t always as bad as we make out! Millions of us hit the beach every year, but if there’s no beach near you what can you do to stay cool and comfortable and enjoy summer fun? A lido is another name for an outdoor swimming pool with an area surrounding the pool that is ideal for sun bathing or relaxing. These outdoor swimming pools often have a full size swimming pool, a childrens pool and a green area perfect for summer picnics or playing with family. The 1930s were when lidos were at their most popular and dropped massively in the 60s and 70s as people started heading abroad more and more. Now lidos are on their way back in for us all to enjoy thanks to people campaigning to save our lidos. Our nearest lido is the Faversham Outdoor Pool in Kent, where’s yours?