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MF-X Launch Interview with Mark Foster

IMG_0466   Have you heard about the new MF-X by Mark Foster swimwear range yet? With the exciting launch of this new swimwear by World Champion swimmer, Mark Foster, we managed to grab a moment with him to find out a little more about the new collection and his impressive swimming career...  
What do you think sets this range aside from other brands?

Price is a big factor here with emphasis on the FINA range.  The goal was the create a product that is high performance whilst maintaining good value and this is something we will stay true to.


What made you decide that you wanted to be involved in this project?

Zone3 are a highly regarded brand within the triathlon industry, and we share the same values.  To have my own swimwear range was always an ambition.  I tried a Zone3 wetsuit a few years ago, and really believed they have a great product.


Is there a particular feature of the range that makes it ideal for swim training?

The MF-Xfinity range is made from a premium Italian fabric called XFINITY which is 100% chlorine resistant.


How was the design chosen?

We wanted to keep the launch range relatively neutral with a little dazzle.  When I was racing I always quite liked the gold highlights so this was something I wanted to put into the core launch range.


If you could pick one item from your new range which one would it be and why?

MF-Xlite race jammers.  They felt amazing in the water and the price is excellent compared with other race wear.


Out of all the brands out there what made you want to work with Zone3

They are a British brand, we have shared values and most importantly they’re a swimmers brand.  A lot of the people working at Zone3 are swimmers and know the sport, which I feel is really important that they really ‘get’ it.


What advice do you have for people who want to go into competitive swimming?

Join a club, it is easier training with other likeminded people. Make a goal... attainable, but challenging and work towards it.


What made you want to become a competitive swimmer?

I learnt to swim when I was 5.... then joined the local swimming club in Southend-on-Sea and it went from there..... I loved being the water and was very competitive!!!


What are your thoughts of the current UK swimming scene?

The British Swimming Team is the strongest I have ever seen... I first made the senior squad in 1985 and nothing has come close.

We have so much strength in depth and this is most evident in relays... we  won 2 Olympic silvers... case in point!! The team are really young too... 


What is your mind-set during a race?

I always went into a race with a positive result in mind... If you visualize great results you have more chance achieving them. I never used to worry about the competition, concentrate on yourself... that is all you have control over...


Was it hard to re-adjust back into swimming after your retirement

No... I’m not racing... But I love being in the water... spent most of my life in a pool!!! I don’t hammer it like I used to.... I just enjoy the feeling of floating.


Who is currently your favourite UK swimmer to watch out for?

Ben Proud




MF-X by Mark Foster is now available exclusively at Simply Swim.