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NEW Michael Phelps XPRESSO Collection at Simply Swim

MP_Xpresso_Google_336X280 In collaboration with Aqua Sphere, Olympic Medallist Michael Phelps has launched a brand new competitive swimwear range, named 'MP', with the first swimsuit XPRESSO now available at Simply Swim! With styles for men and women and a range of performance swim goggles, this collection is one of the most exciting releases of the year. The MP XPRESSO combines Aqua Sphere’s proprietary Exo-Foil and Aqua-Core fabrics to deliver the innovative dual fabric technology, Exo-Core, in a racing suit that not only provides compression, hydrodynamic material and bonded seams, but also offers increased flexibility and range of motion that allows athletes to maintain relaxed muscles before and during competition to maximize peak performance. The Exo-Core construction features strategically placed panels designed to reduce energy dissipation through compressive support while allowing for increased circulation throughout the leg and femoral artery. The panels work in conjunction with the XPRESSO’s proprietary fabric to offer athletes an unprecedented range of motion in a competitive racing suit. The XPRESSO was created using Italian design and fabrication. Shop the range now at Simply Swim.     phelps1