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Our Top 5 Swimming Blog Posts

Here at Simply Swim we love writing about our favourite things in the swimming world. From triathlon, to leisure swimming to first swimmers, you can find articles about all of it here on our blog. That got us to thinking, what are our favourite posts? What has seemed to be really popular with our readers? So here in one handy place we have gathered together 5 of our most popular posts for your reading enjoyment!  

1. Best UK Indoor Water Parks

Looking for some family fun in the UK? Why not take the kids to a water park! Here we round up a few of the best parks around! GENERAL-VIEW2    

2. How To Choose a Triathlon Wetsuit

Preparing for your first triathlon can seem quite daunting, and picking a triathlon wetsuit is a key component. But where to begin? Our great blog post takes you through regulations, benefits, types, fit and a overall buying guide. A perfect post to read if you want to make sure you get the most for your money. taupo_sunset_2    

3. A Beginner's Guide to Open Water Swimming

One of our brilliant posts written by a professional swim coach all about starting out in open water swimming. The key kit you need and the best way to acclimatise yourself to a new swimming experience are all explained in this informative post. EMMA-3    

4. 10 Interesting Swimming World Records

Ever wondered about the record for most swim caps worn at once? Or the largest swimming lesson in a single venue? Then our post is what you've been looking for! A great round up of then of the most interesting swimming facts and figures. iStock_000006535055Small    

5. Swimming Whilst Pregnant - What You Need to Know

Our swimming whilst pregnant post has recently been received phenomenally on our social media pages so it had to make our top 5 posts lists. If you're not sure about swimming whilst pregnant then our post lays all your worries to rest and advises you on swimwear and more, perfect for all those expectant mums! bigstock-Serious-Pregnnat-Woman-Thinkin-36800276   We hope this post has given you some new reading material for swimming! We also have many more articles on a whole range of swim-related topics so just have a browse of all of our posts at, or shop for new swim gear at! If you have any ideas of articles you would like to see us write then just leave a comment below.