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Perfect Breaststroke - Swimming Advice Video

Today we're going to be looking at a perfect breaststroke model, so focusing on the legs, arms, body, and head positions. So when looking at the breaststroke body position, you want to aim for the smallest, flattest position possible, to reduce any water resistance and make you much more streamlined through the water. The arms and legs aren't to be moving at the same time, but alternately so that you develop good rhythm. So looking at the head position. As the hands are squeezed together, lift the head so the chin rests on the surface of the water. As you glide, keep your eyes down and looking forward. Mistakes that are commonly made are lifting the head too high out of the water. Craning the head out compresses the neck, leading to back pain. Every inch that your head is lifted, your hips drop down two inches, adding more resistance. With breaststroke arms, you need to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Imagine you're scooping out a bowl, pulling your arms around and squeezing your hands in front of the chest. Don't pull the stroke too wide, and the elbow shouldn't go behind your shoulders. From the chest, push your hands out together and repeat your perfect stroke. The leg movement in breaststroke accounts for 80% of your total propulsion. You need to keep your ankles flexed, not floppy, and ensure your legs move symmetrically through each kick. Start with the legs straight and feet turned out, so the hips, knees, and ankles can rotate externally. Bend the knees and bring your feet to your bottom. Push the feet forcefully out and round back to the straight position, and then continue to repeat your perfect kick. A common mistake with breaststroke leg kick is screw kick. Screw kick is when the two legs are doing different things and are not symmetrical. This unbalances the body.