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Perfect Butterfly Swimming Advice Video

Video transcription... Hi and welcome to Today we're going to be looking at a perfect butterfly model, so focusing on the head position, the arms, the legs, and the body. So taking a look at the butterfly body position, you want to aim to keep the body as close to the water surface as possible, making the movement as fluid and continuous as possible so water resistance is reduced. The hips act as a pivot point on the body so when the upper body is up, the hips are down slightly lower in the water. When swimming butterfly, ideally the head goes down as the hips move up. When you're ready to breathe, push the chin forward as you pull back with your arms. Keep your head looking down but forward and reenter the head into the water before the hands. Aim to breathe every other stroke as breathing every stroke can lead to hyperventilation. A strong upper body is essential for butterfly. You begin the stroke in streamline and aim to pull your hands through towards your feet and not down to the bottom of the pool. When the hands reach the thighs, lift the arms out of the water, throwing them back over simultaneously. Keep your arms slightly bent when doing this and ensure your palms are faced down. Thumbs enter the water first and continue this as many times as necessary. You need a strong and gentle kick for butterfly, keeping the legs together but not touching. For consistent leg kick, kick down when the hands enter the water, then down again when the hands leave.