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Pull Buoy Technique


Pull buoys (sometimes called swimming buoys) are designed to improve your upper body strength and also improve your body position in the water by adding buoyancy. Because the legs are supported, you can focus all your attention onto isolated areas of the body such as working the upper body, practising breathing pattern, or correcting your head position. Pull buoys have a number of great benefits in training.


Firstly, swimming buoys lift your lower body higher in the water and so reduce drag. This makes swimming much easier as well as putting your body into the correct body position for swimming.


How to use, place your pull buoy as high as possible between the legs as this provides the correct position in the water and provides support. When you are swimming keep your ankles relaxed and try and keep your legs naturally relaxed and high in the water. Don't cross your legs and ankles over the swimming buoy as this can cause strain and injury. So in summary:


  1. Using a pull buoy improves your position in the water.
  2. Pull buoys can give an isolated workout to your upper body muscle groups
  3. When using your pull buoy, allow your lower body to relax and flow naturally through the water to maximise the training aid.


That's how to perform the pull buoy technique! Thanks for watching and don't forget to check out our other advice videos and online swim store at