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Simply Swim Interviews Sean Conway - What adventures are you currently doing?

Well coming out of the water at John O' Groats two months ago I vowed I would never swim ever again, but I've obviously got the swimming bug now, because I'm shooting off to South Africa in a few weeks time to compete in the world largest open water swimming event, it called the Midmar Mile, twenty thousand people swim a mile across a lake and actually this was the birth of  my adventurous life, when I was very very young, when I was about eleven or twelve I think, I did the Midmar Mile in South Africa and that was pretty much the last time I swam before swimming Britain, I did that as a kid with school and after that I was like 'that's too hard I'm never swimming again! So it's nice to go back and do that.   They have eight events over a two days period, and normally you just enter one of the events and you swim your mile and you get your medal, but I've decided I'm going to all eight events over the whole weekend, so it's four mile swims on the Saturday and four mile swims on the Sunday. Which for me is going to be very different, it's it's quite a short swim for me, it will be a bit of a sprint, my cardio isn't that great any more two months from not swimming, its dropped off so it's going to be quite a struggle, I've not actually done any training for it yet, I probably should, because I know I'm going to suffer, but its definitely going to be a fun event and I'm really looking forward to it.