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Simply Tri - Getting ready to take on the London Triathlon!

Tomorrow is the day! The London Triathlon. Our girls Natalie, Naomi, Katharine and Reem have been training hard to prepare themselves for the event. We interviewed them a little while ago but now we've caught up with them to find out how the last few weeks have been and how they are feeling now that the event is upon us...


So the big day is tomorrow, how are you feeling?

NW: Excited but also nervous, I have been training a lot. NH: I've gone through phases, some where I feel it’s not impossible other days I think I must be mad! KW: Slightly nervous but definitely ready.  Still can’t bring myself to watch any Triathlon video’s online. RK: I'm feeling scared, anxious and very excited!  

 How have you found the training?

NW: I have loved training as a team, I think it really helps us all to have some support. The swimming has been the most challenging but also the most rewarding and I hope to be able to front crawl the whole way through the 750m NH: I have found it very hard to fit in between my work life as my days always differ and especially after a shoot I am knackered and so thoughts of exercise after a day like that is a big no and I can't ever wake up early to do exercise so it limits me massively!  But I have found that spinning in my lunch has been a good break in the day especially if the showers are good and you don't have to take loads of products with you to work- making life so much easier, thanks Boom Cycle! KW: Brilliant, it’s so nice to train for something that has so many different elements rather than just the one thing. RK: To be honest I've found it quite difficult to train so much over the Summer, it's been really hectic with work but I've done my best to stay disciplined.

 Which of the three disciplines have you found the most challenging?

NW: The swimming as I wasn’t a strong swimmer to start with. Our instructor Zamira has been really supportive and worked to all of our weaknesses and strengths. It has also helped to have a personalised training plan from Jean at Timed Fitness so that I can keep on track each week. NH: Swimming by far, I have had to take on extra swimming tuition from Virgin Active which has been a great help. KW: By far the swimming but now enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. RK: I think getting my head around swimming in open water is the most challenging. I've always been comfortable swimming but it's the thought of doing it outdoors in a wetsuit that feels quite scary!  

 Last time we spoke to you, we asked you what you thought the biggest challenge would be, were you right?

NW: It was swimming and it has definitely lived up to expectation! NH: Yes and I still don't feel confident. I can't get the hang of front crawl and feel that will set me back as will be swimming breast stroke, but I have heard other people do swim breast stroke so hopefully it won’t be an issue on race day. KW: I did say swimming back then but I actually think it’s been the running & trying to find the time to go for a long run in terms of tying to juggle work & training. RK: Yes, no change there!

 What has been your favourite piece of kit?

NW: I love my wetsuit from Simply Swim and can’t wait to sport the TRIsuit on the day! NH: My bike I ride to work most days now and love every second of it!  Tokyo Bikes have been my saviour! It has also been a great help that our kit has all been provided by Simply Swim so that we can take on the challenging open water! KW: Has to be the swimsuit & goggles, I’ve been living in them! RK: I am growing more and more fond of my wetsuit! I feel like a super hero in it. Thank you so much Simply Swim!  

 What tips would you give to anyone who is thinking of starting training?

NW: Never underestimate starting too early, the challenge has certainly crept up on me. NH: Just do it don't think too much about it and find something that you enjoy doing, forcing yourself to run if you not that mad on it means you won't do it that often so pick an exercise that you feel excited about like dancing or spinning etc.  That will get the ball rolling and get you into doing something more regularly then you can be more specific later down the line. KW: Don’t let that first swimming session/lesson put  you off, it’s get easier. RK: Add your sessions to your calendar to stay as disciplined as possible and always eat good food the night before.  

 What has kept you motivated?

NW: The training has definitely changed my body shape, I feel a lot fitter and more toned so I think even after the challenge I will keep up a similar training schedule. NH: The thought of coming last! KW: The feeling afterwards knowing we've completed it. RK: I don't have a 'quitter' mentality so it's been keeping this promise to myself that I'll see it through to the end that's been the most motivation for me so far.

 Since starting, how has it affected your everyday life? (Ie. positively or negatively - diet, sleep, general well-being, socially?)

NW: I spend a lot of time at the gym, but that isn’t a bad thing I have made a few friends with the gym instructors so have had some extra help! I have also started training as a spinning instructor after loving our memberships with Boom Cycle so am really excited to kick start that after the triathlon. NH: Definitely positively feel that I have never slept better and you are constantly hungry but great news as you can eat what and whenever you want! KW: Weirdly I have a lot more energy, squeezing in a training session most mornings before work sets you up for the day, you don’t want to undo all the hard work with bad food choices.  It’s been great knowing you have a team behind you to keep you going too. RK: Anxiety hasn't been so fun but it's also a very proud statement to make when you tell people you're participating in a triathlon, I'm looking forward to being able to tick this off my list!   The girls are raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity - To support them please visit their Just Giving Page .