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Speedo Fastskin 3

The latest and most raved about competitive swimwear has hit our shelves here at Simply Swim but what a lot of us have been wondering is what sets it apart from the other competitive swimwear that is already available? How can it help take us to the next level when racing? Here we take a look at the revolutionary swimming system explaining every feature for you and also asking the question ‘why’?

Recordbreaker Swimsuit

Recordbreaker Swimsuit Speedo Fastskin 3 Swimwear There is a huge variety of Fastskin 3 swimwear to choose from here at Simply Swim and each different range from Speedo is targeted to the different levels of competitive swimmers. Super Elite – The Fastskin 3 Super Elite is designed for the top athletes who want to set the new benchmark in competitive swimming. The Super Elite Range features 3D Zoned Compression to compress the muscles, reduce vibrations in the water and help to give you a quicker recovery time between races whilst giving an incredible fit so you feel at one with the water. An IQ Fit, fit point markers and body stability web helps you to ensure your swimwear is in the perfect position for racing as well as helping to improve your speed in your starts and turns.

Elite – The Fastskin 3 Elite range is designed for swimmers who have serious competitive aims and targets to meet. The Fastskin3 Elite features the compression fit and body fit stability web as featured in the Super Elite ensuring a superb fit and muscle compression. This Elite swimwear is made with a low drag fabric technology giving you a much more streamlined profile whilst swimming and more stability in the water. This Fastskin 3 range helps to gain those fractions of a second that you need to desperately. Pro – The Speedo Fastskin 3 Pro range are for swimmers who want the Speedo medal winning design at an accessible and affordable price. This Speedo swimwear gives a compression fit in a super streamlined design which helps you to maximise the efficiency with every single stroke you make. The Fastskin 3 Pro range is ideal for junior swimmers too who are just beginning in the competitive swimming world.

Fastskin 3 Goggle

The Speedo Fastskin 3 Goggles have a better fit than most other goggles giving you superior comfort and totally leak proof design. The Fastskin 3 Goggle reduces drag more than any other goggle available on the market today and causes 63.4% less drag than the Speedo Aquasocket goggle, a firm favourite with many of our customers! A new technology called dive stream which has never been used until now, protects your eyes during dives and turns whilst the hydroscopic lens gives you 180 degree vision of all competitors in the pool. The goggle shape is completely unique as it is designed to improve the shape of your head whilst you wear the goggles by reducing drag and improving the total profile of your body. The fit of these swimming goggles is comfortable against your head under your Fastskin 3 Cap and the goggles feature fit point markers to align with the rest of your Speedo system.


Fastskin 3 Cap

Fastskin 3 Cap[/caption] The Speedo Fastskin 3 Cap is the final piece in the Speedo Fastskin 3 Package and has been created using a 3D head scan to give the most incredible fit. The same IQ Fit as in the swimsuits helps to reduce the drag in the water by up to 3.4% compared to the traditional swimming caps used. Fit point markers have been used by Speedo to enable you to align the cap with the rest of your Fastskin 3 products and give an exceptional fit. For those with longer hair, a hair management system is available which helps to secure your hair under the hat and keep it in place. Believe it or not, using the hair management system helps to improve your profile and reduce drag even further than without the hair management system as it holds the hair in the curve of the neck.

Why use the Speedo Fastskin 3 Range?

Whilst developing this product, Speedo have taken a look at the competitive swimmer like noone ever has before. By doing this they have invested over 55,000 hours of world leading research and testing to ensure that these competitive products are guaranteed to improve your swimming performance and boost your confidence like no other swimwear has done before. Team Speedo swimmers such as top Olympic swimmers Rebecca Adlington and Michael Phelps have been in the centre of all this swimwear development ensuring that this swimwear isn’t just the latest technology but is practical and incredibly comfortable for all too.

Here at Simply Swim we are so excited about the Speedo Fastskin 3 and think that this is a huge step in the competitive swimming world for equipment and swimwear. The Fastskin 3 not only has the most amazing technology we have ever seen in swimwear but will boost a swimmers confidence and help them to realise their full potential in the water. Click here to see our range of Speedo Fastskin 3 swimwear