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Splash About

Splash About have been in the business of keeping babies and children safe in the water for over 20 years. Splash About is known for designing practical, high-quality swimming aids and clothing. Simply Swim stocks a wide range of Splash About products and we love them!


As enthusiastic swimmers, we believe that children should start in the water young and learn to enjoy it and be safe in it from an early age. Splash About products are great for ensuring your child is safe and comfortable in the pool or at the beach. The Splash About Happy Nappy is great for babies as it is a reusable swim nappy made from 1mm thick super soft neoprene keeping your child warm and ensuring there are no leaks in the pool. It can be worn with nappy liners which are recommended for ease of cleaning or without. Most swim schools in the UK prefer babies to wear a Happy Nappy and they have the added bonus of giving SPF50+ sun protection if at the beach!


One of Splash About's most famous and enduring products is the Baby Wrap Wetsuit, which gives fantastic sun protection and helps keep your little one warm in the water. The fastenings are Velcro for easy, quick and struggle free fittings and removal from your baby’s body, making the changing process a lot less difficult. The Splash About Baby Wrap comes in some fantastic designs helping your child stand out from the crowd and is available in sizes 0-30 months.


My favourite is probably the Splash About Floatsuit which is very cute, available in Nautical Navy or Red striped with White. Again it has great sun protection and is made from super soft fabric keeping your toddler comfortable. The suit aims to build your child’s confidence in the water as it has removable floats acting as a buoyancy aid which can be removed as your child improves.