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Swim Drill to Increase Your Speed

If you're looking to increase your speed in the pool then maybe our handy 'Learn to Swim' video can give you some assistance. This week we show you a Tabata set that will aid you in improving your speed through the water, the video is shown above, or there is a full transcript of the video below for you to work through. For those of you that are looking to improve your speed, there's a really hard set that I use that has a massive success rate. It is a type of Tabata set, so in the pool you are going to swim for 3 minutes in total. And then repeat that 3 minute swim five times. During that 3 minutes you are going to swim at maximum effort for 20 seconds. Maximum effort is beyond 100%. After 20 seconds you are going to stop dead in the pool, wait for 10 seconds, and then repeat another 20 seconds swim. Keep repeating that until the 3 minutes is over. At the end of the 3 minutes you are going to take a minute to 2 minutes rest, and then repeat that five times. When you are doing this set make sure you are working as hard as you possibly can. As my coach used to say 'No Pain, No Gain', so if it's hurting you know it is doing the right thing.