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SWIM EAR BAND - Designed to Keep Water Out & Hold Earplugs in

There is nothing worse than an earplug that doesn’t quite sit comfortably in the ear. It’s distracting, allows water to get in the ear and has the potential to be lost in the pool.

That’s where an ear band can be the perfect accessory for keeping the water out and holding your earplugs in!



An ear band is a soft headband that is placed over the ears. Worn in conjunction with a pair of water-safe earplugs, it helps prevent the earplugs from falling out while swimming or playing in water.



The purpose of ear plugs is to prevent water getting into your ear canal. Water in the ear canal can sometimes lead to irritation and in extreme cases infections. 

Using an ear band create a double-layer of ear protection, it helps to hold ear plugs in place and allows you to focus on your swimming and having fun in the water.

As a bonus, the band also helps keep the hair out of your face when you swim! Amazing! (The swim ear band on its own won’t keep the ears dry. They need to be used in conjunction with earplugs.)



The goal with an ear band is to have it snug but not too tight. The Simply Swim Junior Ear Band is easily adjustable with Velcro at the back, allowing you to secure it comfortable.

The shape allows the band to sit comfortable over the ears and rest on the forehead to keep back your hair. The Simply Swim Junior Ear is even reversible, giving you a choice between wearing blue or red on the outside. Allowing you to change your style and be easily seen in the water.



  • Length: 55cm (adjustable with Velcro at back)
  • Suitable for approx. ages 2 to 10 years
  • Reversible for two different looks
  • Fabric: 1mm Neoprene
  • Rinse through in cold water after use