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Swim for your mind - Mental Health Week 2021

Technology adds to the pressures of 21st-century living, leaving many of us exhausted and distracted. A majority of us spend the day in front of a screen, then return home and continue with the same pattern. Swimming is an incredible outlet for your emotions; if you're looking for a way to relax, unwind and destress, then a trip to your local leisure centre may be in order.  Whether you’re a speedo demon or just enjoy a gentle swim, open your senses to the cool rippling water and the sound of splashing, and steady your breathing. 

Feeling a rush of positivity is very common after swimming. Swimming is proven to boost your endorphins, producing a feeling of happiness and an increased sense of accomplishment. 

It's also a great way to increase socialisation. You can take a friend with you, or make new friends at the pool. Being able to build a bond with someone over shared activity is a great way to build a friendship and settle into your surroundings. Many pools have a community feel and are full of friendly faces who are happy to help guide other users. Why not dive into a conversation!

Swimming, unlike many other forms of exercise, is a non-impact sport meaning it's kind to your joints and an accessible option for anyone. A great form of exercise to increase your physical and mental wellbeing.

Walk out of the pool with a smile on your face!

Deepen your breath
Swimming provides you with an escape to slow down and take a breath, but it also assists you in actually being able to breathe. It encourages you to open up your lungs, which helps to control your breathing, lower your blood pressure, eliminate toxins, aid weight loss, relieve anxiety and depression, and provide you with that deep breath of tranquillity you deserve.

The relaxed approach
If hopping into the pool still sounds like more of a workout than a relaxation technique then there is a wide range of equipment available to aid your time out. Opting for a pool noodle is a great way to allow yourself more of a ‘floating’ experience whilst you unwind, relieving tension and restoring calm.

Refocus your energy on your session. Focus on your lap-timing, breathing, technique. Channel all of your thoughts into the way you are swimming. This will not only wash away all of your troubles but allow you to improve your swimming. Providing you with the release you are looking for.
So it’s time to put on those goggles and take a dip, for your body and your mind. 

What now?
Swimming is fantastic at giving you a much-needed boost, but If you are struggling and looking for some support then there are a multitude of charities out there to help you get back to feeling your best. Head to the Hub of Hope to find the right support near you.