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Swimming For Health

If you're looking for a low impact way to get in shape, then you might want to grab your swim suit and take a trip to your local swimming pool. To find out more about the benefits of swimming read on... Swimming for weight loss... Ok, so swimming may not be the best form of exercise to help you shed those unwanted pounds, but it will certainly help in the fight against the flab. Sure, running and other fast paced cardio based exercises are better when it comes to burning the fat, but you'll be surprised to find that swimming will also do wonders for your figure, and get you a bikini body in no time at all. This may seem pretty simple, but the faster you swim the more calories you're going to burn, the higher your heart rate will be, and the more weight you're going to lose. Slowly swimming lap after lap will certainly have it's benefits, but adding some much needed pace to your laps will boost your weight loss, and help you to achieve your ideal weight a lot sooner. Keep your body guessing... Try to switch to different strokes from time to time, as these will help you to work out a wider range of muscles. Feel free to play around with your swimming speeds, and be sure to take things nice and slowly at the start. Swimming is just like any other form of exercise, and you'll need to warm up first. You can do a few simple stretches in or out of the pool, and ease yourself into the swim session to make sure that you don't over exert yourself. If you're new to swimming, then you'll need to build up slowly to those faster speeds, and longer sessions. Remember you're not in a race, and if you don't manage those lightning speeds and a ton of laps in your first few sessions, then that's more than okay. As long as you aim to improve your performance in each new swim session, and continue to push yourself, then your weight loss goals will be achieved far sooner. Swimming and calorie burning... The number of calories that you burn whilst swimming will depend on a number of factors such as - the speed at which you swim, the stroke you're using and the distances you're swimming. You'll find on average that swimming in a pool burns less calories than swimming in the ocean, but not everyone has this luxury. When it comes to strokes, the biggest calorie burner is butterfly, then crawl/freestyle. Breast stroke and backstroke burn less calories, but are still great for weight loss at a faster pace. So, go grab your swim suit and goggles and hit the pool today!