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Swimming Games for Children

We all know that swimming is a great way to get fit but not everyone realises it’s a fantastic way to get moving as a family and have fun all together.

Playing swimming games with your childen helps you to get them into the pool and start learning how to swim. There are so many things you can do, your kids will never get pool and neither will you!

Underwater Humming – Great for the X Factor wannabes! This game is simple for kids. Duck under the water and hum your favourite tune and your partner has to guess what song it is you’re humming. You can play this game for as long as you like or until you have run out of songs!

Swimming Through The Legs – For this game, stand in a star shape then the swimmer has to try and swim through the legs. If that’s a bit easy, add another person and then the swimmer has to swim through both peoples legs. See how many people you can swim under as a mini competition! They might need some goggles for this one to see where they are going!

Shark Attack – Get everyone to line up along the side of the pool, you can be the shark and everyone else is a fish. When you shout ‘shark!’ all the fish swim off to get away from you. After everyone has escaped you shout ‘fish!’ and try and catch the fish. As soon as you catch a fish they are a shark too and so on until everyone is caught!

The Kicking Duel – This game is designed to test their little legs. Get into pairs, lie on the tummy facing each other and grab a woggle  between you. When someone shouts "GO!" both kick as hard as you can to try to make the other go backwards. The winner is the one who can move the other or make them put their feet down.

Treasure Hunt – You need some Dive Sticks or similar for this Lets the different toys sink to the bottom of the pool so they are all spread out. When they have all sunk, call out the name of one of your items of ‘treasure’ until you collect them all in. The winner is the one with the most treasure!

Dinner Plates – For this you need a swimming float and some smaller items. Put the small toy (the dinner) on the float (the plate) and you have to kick to the other side without dropping the dinner into the water!