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Swimsuit Rule in French Pools

On a recent trip to the South of France I was sat beside the pool wondering why there is a rule that men and boys should wear briefs or aqua shorts. Swimming in baggy trunks   The logic as I understand it is it reduces water loss when you get out of the pool. Being tight the material does not retain anywhere near as much water as it would if you had baggy shorts on. That all makes complete sense. However here is where the logic seems to fail to me. If the pool actively encourages you to keep getting in and out, i.e. where there are slides or diving boards surely water loss is inevitable? I appreciate that reducing that makes sense, but if the water is that precious surely the slides or boards should be prohibited rather than the shorts? I have to mention that I don't think I have ever seen the rule enforced, rather signage to try to encourage its compliance. Is my questioning to the rule just British prudery? The Europeans have seemingly no issue with the briefs rule, strutting their stuff around the pools in skimpy swimming costumes.  Its their country, their rules. Could it be yet another rule at a swimming pool, don't do this, don't do that. Swimming pools must be second place to police stations when it comes to the amount of rules. I understand the rules are put there for safety of the many and are highly successful at reducing accidents.  But surely the amount of material on men's swimwear won't help reduce accidents nor reduce water loss. Do you think this a Is this a sensible rule?   Please post your comments here on the blog, whilst Facebook etc are great the comments and thoughts are lost over time so post your thoughts here so we can refer back to them in future.