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Synchro Dictionary

  If you have just started watching the synchronised swimming since the London 2012 Olympic Games or are newly taking part then this synchro dictionary will definitely help you out… Figure Competition – junior and younger level competitions hold these events. Chosen figures are performed in front of a judging panel. Combination Routine – Ten swimmers perform together in groups of various numbers. Swimmers that are not performing for that portion are not allowed to touch the bottom of the swimming pool or the side. Free Routine – Can be performed in a solo, duet or team where the perform their chosen choreography.  There are no required elements in a free routine. Technical Routine – A solo, duet or group routine where they perform certain elements in a required order.  The elements in the routine depend on the competition and skill level. A technical routine is slightly shorter than a free routine. Technical Merit – The category of scoring used on a free routine. Half the judges are given execution, synchronisation and difficulty to score. Artistic Impression - A free routine category of scoring to which half the judges are assigned. Choreography, musical interpretation and overall impression are considered. Technical Element – The movement, lift, figure or pattern required by a technical routine. Overall Impression – A technical routine way of scoring where half the judges are assigned choreography, synchronisation, difficulty and manner of presentation. Execution – A category of scoring for technical routines where 70% of the score is based on the required elements and 30% on the rest of the routine. Transitions – The movement which connects the elements in the routine. Egg Beater – A method of treading water used by synchronised swimmers. The legs move in opposite directions and the feet are flexed. Sculling – Hand movements which help to stabilise and balance a swimmer’s body. Flutter Kick – A fast up and down movement of the feet to give propulsion. Figure – A required set of body positions which most often involve keeping the legs out of the water. Pattern – A formation which the team holds during all choreography. Want some help with other aquatic sports? Click here to check out our water polo lingo or here for our diving dictionary.