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Top 2019 Training Fins

Top 2019 Training Fins

Whether you swim for fun, fitness or professionally, training fins are a must have for any swimmer. Using fins when you train can help build up your strength, beat fatigue and also help your body position in the water whilst you swim.


Fit is really important when looking at training fins. You don't want them to fall off in the pool. It's also worth remembering that the better the fit, the better the power transfers to your kick, so you'll be more efficient in the water.


There is a great choice of fins to choose from, so we've cut out the leg work and have put together our top training fins for 2019. 


Maru Training Fins

These training fins from Maru will help increase your ankle flexibility and create water resistance, which of course will help increase your muscle strength in your lower body. They come in two new colours for 2019 - lime and black, plus pink and black. The high grain silicone gives you an easy fit, so you can take them on and off easily without compromising performance. The design of the Maru training fin increases the resistance and propulsion through the water, plus will help build up ankle flexibility.

Top 2019 Training Fins



Speedo Training Fins

These training fins from Speedo have Biofuse technology which offer maximum comfort and fit, without compromising on performance. The overall design on these fins will increase your speed in the water, making your legs work harder and in turn you’ll build up muscle strength in your legs. The cool thing that makes these fins stand out is their buoyancy. They will help you keep your overall body position in the water. And finally just like all training fins they help build up your ankle flexibility.

Top 2019 Training Fins



Zoggs Ultra Blue Fins

The short blade design from the Zoggs Ultra Blue Fins helps improve your kick technique. They will also increase your stamina and your kick strength. The blade design helps propel you through the water, enabling you to swim faster over longer distances. These fins also help balance your natural rhythmic kick and will reduce muscle fatigue in your calves that can cause cramping. Just like the other two fins they of course build up your lower body strength, plus helping to increase your flexibility as well.


2019 Training Fins



Arena Powerfin

The Arena Powerfin features a soft and flexible foot pocket with an open toe, but the short stiff blade will help you glide through the water. This heavier blade will create more water resistance, giving your lower body muscles a much harder workout. The Powerfins have a great grip in and out of the water and also prevent blisters. These fins have been designed to improve your racing technique and reduce fatigue, so they tick all the boxes.

2019 Traing Fins


Beco Silicone Training Fin

This training fin has been developed by Beco to really push and propel you through the water, whilst giving you maximum the flexibility and workout for your lower body. Just like the Powerfins, they have been designed to help you with your race technique and just like the Speedo training fins, they also help improve you body position in the water, due to their buoyancy. These fins will also help improve your speed, kick and flexibility.

2019 Training Fins


Do you use training fins to improve your technique? We'd love to hear your tips on technique. Also have you used any of the fins we've mentioned above?