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Top 5 Swim Tips with FINIS

One of the great brands we stock here at Simply Swim is Finis, they create a whole range of different swimming equipment that in their words "help swimmers swim better". Whether you swim for fitness, for competition or for life, their products are designed to improve performance. To help you make the most of these brilliant training aids the team over at Finis have put together some great tips on how to use a few of their key products... 

1. Utilise The Tempo Trainer Pro In & Out Of The Water


Use your Tempo Trainer Pro in a pool workout and in dryland training. Whether you're using it to hold pace in a distance freestyle set or regulating speed on a run, the TTP helps you tap into a consistent, sustainable effort level. Even if you're hesitant, try using your TTP on something other than a swim set. Age group or collegiate coaches, have your swimmers use their TTPs on dryland sets e.g. set a pace for pushups, situps or planks. Triathletes, utilize the TTP on a training run to settle into a pace you will be able to hold in competition.


2. Improve Hip Rotation & Efficiency with the Hydro Hip

HydroHip-Usage-1-HR True swimming power comes from the hips, which makes the Hydro Hip such an important training tool. With two blades that sit on the hips, the Hydro Hip helps swimmers properly identify timing of the hips, arms and body. The Hydro Hip also improves core strength with resistance by working the muscles that aid in rotation. Best used during drills or short distances, the effects of the Hydro Hip are most felt when removed and the lessons of timing remain.

Try this set with the Hydro Hip: 

4 x 50 arm extension drill 6 kicks on each side 4 x 50 arm extension drill 4 kicks on each side 4 x 50 swim (remove Hydro Hip) 4 x 50 swim descend 1 x 100 swim FAST

Total: 900 yards/meters (for added difficulty, do 2-3 rounds descending the last 100 of each round)


3. Pairing Distance With Resistance with the Swim Parachute

SwimParachute-8inch-UW-Usage2-HR Try pairing a Swim Parachute with a distance set to cut down on the yardage without sacrificing the endurance component. Whether you’re looking to save a bit of time in the pool or add some variety, the Swim Parachute is a great way to simulate the muscular and aerobic strain of a yard-heavy workout without all of the distance. For example, take a distance set that you would normally do, cut it in half and wear a Swim Parachute for the duration of the set. Take note of the level of fatigue at the end of the set and continue to track affects of the added resistance from week to week.  

4. Maintain Technique at High Speeds using the Freestyler Paddles and the Zoomers Gold Fins

FreestylerPaddles-UW-Usage1-HR One of the greatest challenges in swimming is the ability to maintain proper technique outside of drills and slow-paced sets. If you or your swimmers are having trouble managing technique at high speeds, try using tools that assist with both elements. For best results, focus on sets that call for descending speed, then gradually incorporate tools that will help ramp up the speed while also reinforcing correct form.

Try the set below to focus on maintaining technique AND swimming fast: 

2 x 200 Moderate, no equipment 2 x 200 Strong, with Freestyler Paddles 2 x 200 FAST, with Freestyler Paddles and Zoomers Gold fins 16 x 25 odds FAST/evens easy, with Freestyler Paddles and Zoomers Gold fins  

5. Focus on Technique with the Alignment Kickboard

AlignKick-Lara-Usage-23-HR A week's worth of sets using the Alignment Kickboard. Each set focuses on a different technical element: breathing, body alignment, kicking etc.

Day 1

12 x 25 underwater kick, with submerged Alignment Kickboard

Day 2

4 rounds 1 x 125 freestyle catch up drill 1 x 75 flutter kick

Day 3

6 x 50 side kick (odds lead with right arm, evens lead with left arm)

Day 4

8 x 25 Backstroke catch up (hold the board directly overhead, passing the board between hands on each stroke cycle)

Day 5

3 Rounds 4 x 25 kick (IM order) 4 x 25 sprint kick (rotate board to point upward, for added resistance)   Let us know if you find these tips useful, we would love to hear how they help your swimming! Head over to Simply Swim to shop all Finis equipment now.