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Top 5 Swim Training Goggles

Finding a swimming goggle that can withstand heavy use and long hours at the pool, that has super clear vision, seals well to the face whilst still being comfortable to wear can be extremely tricky. Here we look at 5 goggles with different price points and styles which we think are up to the task of getting you through those gruelling swim sessions.




Speedo Vue/Virtue

The Vue and the female specific Virtue are the new goggle on the market from ever popular swim brand Speedo. Their futuristic style looks impressive but how does the technology shape up?


The best feature of these goggles has to be how comfy there are, the IQfit 3D seal fits the contours of the face for a really secure, leak free fit, giving you the confidence in the pool that you need to get the most out of your training sessions. The seal also reduces those annoying red marks that can appear around your eyes after your swim which can happen with ill-fitting goggles.


The wrap around lenses look super sleek and stylish and they also provide you with enhanced peripheral vision.


They come in either Vue mirrored lenses or Virtue mirrored lenses which are the more colourful option or the standard smoke lenses depending on your preference and swim location.





Speedo Biofuse

The Biofuse range of goggles from Speedo have been a hugely popular choice for regular swimmers for a while now and Speedo are regularly updating and improving the new models to keep the style fresh and the features up to date.


The name Biofuse relates to the technology used to mould the goggle to the shape of your face, for the ultimate comfortable and leak-free fit. The gel like gaskets teamed with the flexible frame adapts to the contours of your face for an individual fit which in turn reduces marks from appearing around your eyes.


You also still get the 180 degree wide peripheral vision, so you get excellent field of vision and fantastic comfort during your swim. They also come in a female specific fit for smaller faces.





Swans SR2

The SR2 is a new goggle from Swans which is designed for training and racing, so it’s great when you want to get used to a goggle and use it on race day if you want to. They are a simple looking goggle which come with a Smoke, Clear and Mirrored lens depending on your preference.


They’re FINA approved and their low profile design makes these an excellent racing goggle whilst still offering fantastic comfort which most racing goggles fail to do. The soft silicone gaskets hug the face gently whilst still offering an incredible seal which also makes these a great choice for long training sessions.


Swans know you’ll love them, which is why they have made the straps and gaskets replaceable so you can continue to use your trusty goggles even when they eventually wear out.





Zoggs Predator Flex

The Predator Flex from Zoggs has been around for a while but it still remains to be one of the best training goggles around. Again, it’s the comfort that makes these goggles a must have part of your kit bag, with their flexible frame and soft gaskets that give a contoured and really comfy fit to your face.


The curved lenses fit the face really well for a more natural feel and they give 180 degree undistorted peripheral vision. 





Vorgee Vortech Clear

The Vortech Clear Goggle from Australian brand Vorgee have a simple style and they are incredibly comfy to wear. They also come in at a really good price point.


The most noticeable thing about these goggles is how lightweight they are, this with the soft gaskets and frame make them really comfortable with minimal pressure on the face.


The curved anti-fog lenses also provide clear, wide angle vision and they have dual silicone band to ensure the goggles sit in the correct position.



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