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Types of Swimsuits

You’ve made the decision to take the plunge at the pool and now all you have to do is find a swimsuit to wear – easy eh? Well, swimsuit styles can vary from a knee length one piece to a sporty two piece bikini and so to make things easier for you, we have outlined the different types of swimwear, their main features and what type of swimming they are ideal for below.


Types of Swimsuits

Racing/Competition Kneeskins

Chances are if you are reading this blog post, that you are not a competitive swimmer, but it’s good to know that if you are buying a competition swimsuit they are designed to fit very tightly like a second skin, the fabric will have a paper-like feel to it and they will only last for a certain amount of races. They are not designed to be durable but to be hydrodynamic to help you swim as fast as possible.


Boyleg Swimsuits/Legsuits

Great for ladies who want extra leg coverage, boyleg swimsuits are like a swimsuit with shorts and give a sporty look and a feeling of support. Most will have bust support in the form of a shelf bra which is ideal for aqua sports.


Longer Length Swimsuits

Most women don’t think of themselves needing a longer length swimsuit, but if you feel like your swimsuit is pulling down on your shoulders and low on the chest, you may need a longer length. Generally about 3.5cm longer than a standard swimsuit.


Standard Length One Piece Swimsuit

The most common type of swimsuit, the traditional swimming costume still offers different back styles and body-shaping features. If you are going to be training a few times a week, you will want a swimsuit with good chlorine resistance so it lasts longer. You will also want flexibility for swimming lots of laps so maybe choose something with more of an open back and thinner straps that allows your shoulders plenty of movement.


Tummy Control Swimwear

For fitness and leisure swimmers the shape of swimsuit is not as important as what feels comfortable. If you have a bigger bust you may want a lined swimsuit with bust support and if you have a fuller figure a tummy control swimsuit will slim and support your tummy area, for a feeling of confidence at the swimming pool.


Tankinis & Two Pieces

We have covered the different types of one-piece swimsuits, but what about tankinis and two pieces? For some people the tankini with shorts look is perfect! Tankinis still give you full coverage on the body whilst being a top and pant, whilst two pieces tend to be sporty bikinis in the form of a crop style top and pant that exposes your midriff. Tankinis and two pieces are versatile in that they can easily cross over from the swimming pool to the beach.


As we have seen, there are various types of swimwear and apart from the racing swimwear, all can be worn for any type of swimming or aqua sport, it’s really personal choice, but we hope we have helped to find the perfect swimsuit style for you.