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Using Drag Shorts

Drag shorts are a great training aid for swimmers looking to develop their upper body strength, such as muscles in the neck, chest, shoulders and biceps as well as helping to improve stamina in the water.


They are made with multiple layers of mesh fabric and work by creating more resistance than they would normally be in the water, making your swimming workout even harder.


How To Use


Wear your shorts over the top of your normal swimming costume or trunks and adjust at the waist to ensure a close comfortable fit. You can wear drag shorts for all swimming strokes and for any techniques work you may be doing. Drag shorts give you the great range of movement that you have when wearing your usual swimwear and won't limit you.


A great benefit of drag shorts are they increase the intensity of your training and so make your body fatigue faster. This makes the use of drag shorts ideal for those who train within a smaller timescale than desired such as those who swim before work.


Buying Guide


Drag shorts are unisex so can be worn by both men and women. With a great range of styles, patterns and colours to choose from here at Simply Swim. Some drag shorts are even reversible making them brilliant for varying styles from session to session.


So to summarise:


Drag shorts develop your upper body muscles.


They can improve your endurance


You can wear them for all strokes and all technique work.


Wear them over the top of your normal swimwear and customise the fit at the waist. So that's how to use drag shorts!


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