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Vital Swimwear For Beginners

Swimming is one of the most rewarding sports that you can partake in. Whilst you will have to overcome a number of challenges and master your strokes along the way, the end result will certainly be worth it.

So if you’ve been thinking about giving this great sport a go, you might be wondering what equipment you need to get started. Thankfully, you don’t require a lot when learning the basics and once you have the essentials, you’ll be ready to take the plunge!

In this guide, we highlight some of the key items you need before you dive in and focus on enjoying all that swimming has to offer.



First and foremost, you need to purchase some suitable swimwear. For men these are referred to as swimming shorts, briefs or trunks. Men’s briefs are more streamlined for the water and shorts will create more drag. However, the style you choose depends on your own individual preferences and how seriously you want to take the sport.

When it comes to women’s swimsuits there are plenty of options available, from one-piece designs, to legsuits and even maternity styles too. Legsuits offer more coverage compared to traditional swimwear designs and one-piece styles offer more bust support and tummy control.

Again, the style you wish to choose will be dependent on your own preferences as well. Remember that it’s important to feel comfortable when you are getting used to the water and learning how to swim.


Swimming goggles

Once you have purchased a swimsuit, your next port of call is to buy a decent pair of goggles. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra on this particular piece of gear - after all, they are designed to protect your eyesight.

Goggles are vital for any swimmer as they allow you to place your head under the water without getting any in your eyes. This avoids causing irritation or blurry vision. Furthermore, public pools contain chlorine as well as the potential for water debris which can also cause damage.

Without having to worry about this, you can relax and dedicate more time to focusing on your swimming style. Ultimately, if you can see clearly you will be able to swim better as a result so make sure you find a decent pair of goggles that fit you comfortably.


Swimming towel

Before you dive into the pool, always make sure you have a towel to use when you come out of the water. It will be a little awkward if you come out soaking wet only to realise that you’ll have to ask someone to borrow their towel or make your way to reception to purchase one in your swimming gear.

It may sound like an obvious inclusion, but purchase a decent sized swimming towel and always make sure it’s packed in your bag before you head off to practice your lengths.


Swim caps

Great for keeping your hair free from the damaging effects of chlorine or saltwater, a swim cap is another vital piece of swimwear for beginners.

Not only are they designed to protect your hair, but they will also make you more streamlined in the water. If you have a long hairstyle, you can place this under your cap and you won’t be restricted by the drag from wet hair which will slow you down.

Latex caps are a good choice as they will last longer than other styles and there are a range of caps available for swimmers of all ages and abilities.


Nose clips

As you may be taking to the water for the very first time, you might be worried about getting water up your nose. Alternatively you might have sinus problems which cause you further irritation when swimming.

This is where nose clips are ideal. Resting across the bridge of your nose and clasping your nostrils shut, these clips are available in plastic or silicon to allow them to stretch slightly and fit comfortably.

A nose clip won’t be the most expensive item that you have to purchase, however it will make a big difference if you don’t like that feeling of water getting up your nostrils.


Begin your swimming adventure

So now that you know what equipment you need to start your swimming adventure, you’re ready to purchase your items and head to your local pool, lido or the sea to practice.

For now though, we wish you all the very best in your learning stages and we hope that you come to realise why swimming is one of the most rewarding sports to take up.