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Water Polo - the sport of gentlemen?

If you are an avid fan of handball or hockey but wish to take that competitive drive to the pool, then water polo is the answer for you! Water polo is in essence football with swimsuits; there are two opposing teams looking to score a goal but all of this is done a la aquatics. Taking your exercise into the pool is not only a sure fire way to get in a great workout but also notably much easier on your joints due to the lack of pounding and impact that you would find with dry land activities. What’s even better about water polo is that because you will be so engrossed in the game you won’t even be aware of just how hard you’ll be working and what a great workout you're getting! If you are ready to take the plunge and test your own skills, you won’t need much more than adequate swimwear and a helmet to join in the fun. Teams for water polo generally consist of twelve individuals but there are only seven players in the pool at a time. This will include six players in the ‘field’ and one acting as a goalie on each side. From there the yellow ball will be hoisted into the air and thrown about between players of opposing sides in a typical offensive and defensive fashion. There are not many rules yet a key one is that the ball is only allowed be held by one hand at any given time and thus passed between players this way. While there are some rules that could get a player in their swimsuit in some hot water, should they be cited for a foul they are sent to the penalty box, because referees are only able to judge action done above the water, everything below the surface is pretty much free game so to speak. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a few tugs or leg jabs under the water to occur and because of this it is prudent that you make sure that your swimsuit is rather snug lest an opponent try to pull you under. Yet don’t be turned sour by any of this, after all ice hockey is anything but soft and gentle, because water polo is too much fun to pass up. It includes nearly every bodily muscle when you are playing, from legs that paddle to keep you atop the water and arms that work to get the ball, by the end of the game you will no doubt have had an intense workout; yet all the while you will never be the wiser! Watch brief YouTube video on water polo