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Where Have All The Lidos Gone?

When the UK sun finally decides to shine, there's no better way to cool off and enjoy the hot summer sun than splashing and lounging around in your swimwear by the swimming pool. For those of us who aren't fortunate to have their very own back garden pools, a trip to the local outdoor pool or lido is the next best thing. But, where have the lidos all gone? For many years UK residents would spend the long summer days in their swimming costumes at their local outdoor swimming pool. But, these days the numbers of outdoor swimming pools and lidos seemed to have drastically diminished over the years. This is a great shame, as lidos were often the summertime community hub of most towns, and they are sorely missed by most. Most of us don't have a clue where out local outdoor pool is and head off to the leisure centre in our Speedo swimsuits instead. But, have no fear, sure there may well be a lot fewer outdoor pools and lidos around these days, but they're not all dead and gone just yet. A quick and simple Google search should be able to bring up the details of your closest outdoor pool or lido in just a few seconds. There are quite a few websites dedicated to lidos and outside pools that will make your search even easier. It doesn't matter if your closest pool isn't within walking distance, as you and your friends or family can pack up their Speedo swimsuits and make a day of it. Lidos are usually great for the little ones too, and if you're lucky you could find an outside pool with a baby pool and dedicated children's activities throughout the summer months. The great thing about an outdoor pool is that you can spend all day lounging around in your favourite swimwear, and they cost next to nothing. If you're not lucky enough to be heading off to somewhere nice and warm this summer, then you need to find your closest lido. Sure, it won't be quite the same as a holiday in the Med, but it's the very next best thing. All you need to do is take your towel, a swimming costume, and some sun cream and you're set. We're set to have some smashing sunny days this year and spending the day around a pool this summer will certainly make it one to remember.