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Which 2019 Triathlon Wetsuit Should I Choose?

Here at Simply Swim, we know that choosing a triathlon wetsuit can seem a daunting prospect - whether you have just signed up for your first ever triathlon, or are a seasoned triathlete looking to be first out the water. That’s why we have hand selected the very best wetsuits across all abilities to help point you in the right direction; and ensure you have everything you need ready for the first element of your big day.

Triathlon Wetsuits

Our 2019 range is our biggest collection of wetsuits yet and you can shop all of these online or in store at our retail shop here in Faversham, Kent. The first step of selecting your new wetsuit is to establish which category of triathlete swimmer you fit into, and what features you are looking for in a wetsuit. Below we have broken down the different types of swimmer and our top wetsuit picks for each category:

Entry Level/Progressive Swimmer

This is somebody who is probably a beginner in the sport of triathlon, and who maybe doesn’t feel completely comfortable in the water just yet. This kind of swimmer is likely looking for a wetsuit that will correct poor technique and give a more stable position in the water – which will greatly help to improve overall performance.

The brand new Orca S7 is specifically designed for less confident swimmers and will give extra buoyancy to help correct your swimming position. This in turn will enable you to swim faster and more efficiently on race day. Another great choice here is the Huub Axiom; a bestseller last year this suit has been redesigned for 2019 to give you one of the highest performing entry level suits for a fantastic price. It features Huub’s exclusive flexible low neckline for breathing comfort and full smooth skin neoprene for increased water speed.

Triathlon Wetsuits

Orca S7 Men's Wetsuit & Orca S7 Women's Wetsuit
Huub New Axiom Men's Wetsuit & Huub New Axiom Women's Wetsuit

Intermediate/Total Swimmer

This is a swimmer who has probably completed a few triathlons by now, and needs less help with buoyancy but demands more flexibility from their wetsuit. Swimmers in this category have fewer shortcomings in the upper body area so will greatly benefit from having more flexibility for an all round easier swim and better movement.

If this sounds like you, then the Blueseventy Fusion wetsuit is a great mid-range option that is ideal for triathletes looking for the next step up from entry level suits. It gives a fantastic fit and the oversized arm gussets and 4 way stretch mean your arms are free to reach and increase strokes. This suit also has liquid taping on the internal leg seams allowing you to cut the legs to your desired length. Already one of the biggest names in all things swimming, Arena have released a wetsuit for 2019 that is another fantastic mid-range choice. It has functional cuts to allow greater freedom of movement and thick chest and back panels to provide maximum buoyancy when you need it the most.

Triathlon Wetsuits

Blueseventy Fusion Men's Wetsuit & Blueseventy Fusion Women's Wetsuit

Arena Men's Triathlon Wetsuit 77662 & Arena Women's Triathlon Wetsuit 

Advanced/Natural Swimmer

This is most likely an experienced triathlete who has pretty much perfected the swimming discipline. To fall into this category you are someone who has a very efficient technique and can maintain a good horizontal and elevated position in the water. This swimmer needs no extra buoyancy due to their already effective positioning, so will benefit most from extra flexibility and other key features that will speed them up.

For this type of elite swimmer there really is only one option; the Zone 3 Aspire. This wetsuit has a world renowned reputation and is still the only triathlon wetsuit ever to receive a 10/10 rating from 220 Triathlon magazine. The suit has been re-designed again for 2019 with improved flexibility, buoyancy and comfort to give you the very best swimming position in the water. The Aspire offers a fantastic swimming experience for an equally fantastic price, and is now also available in a Limited Edition style with bold colour panels to ensure you always stand out from the rest.

Triathlon Wetsuits

Zone 3 Aspire Men's Wetsuit & Zone 3 Aspire Women's Wetsuit
Zone 3 Aspire Limited Edition Men's Wetsuit & Zone 3 Aspire Limited Edition Women's Wetsuit

We hope this guide has helped you in your search to find the perfect triathlon wetsuit, and don’t forget you can shop our full range of 2019 triathlon wetsuits here on our website. Once you have made your decision, why not also shop our ranges of triathlon clothing, triathlon accessories and triathlon goggles to ensure you are fully kitted out for race day.