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Why Swimming is the Perfect Family Activity

Statistics aside: squeals and splashes, giggles and hugs are four of the main reasons why swimming is the ideal way to bond as a family unit - not to mention the exercise, and of course getting away from the telly!

Leisure centres are becoming more and more popular in the UK, and by far the most popular place is the swimming pool. It’s a fantastic place to have a lot of fun, and to build positive memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, it's a year-round activity! It doesn't have to be summertime to pop down to the pool, and leisure centres are open in all kinds of weather, so rain or shine you can take the family for a swim!


Heading down to the pool can be a great family activity is because there are benefits for all ages;


Introducing babies to swimming is a great idea at an early age as it’s good for their learning and development. It’s also beneficial for parent-infant bonding and improving the child’s co-ordination and muscle strength.

Young Children

Taking younger children swimming is good for developing their awareness of water safety and being confident in the water. Making sure they can swim from a young age will always be of benefit in later life. It is also great exercise and could even spark an interest in swimming lessons or even further into competing in swim galas and more. Who knows, you might have the next Rebecca Adlington or Ryan Lochte in the family!


At a sometimes difficult age, swimming can be the perfect easy activity for teens. Whether they want to take it more seriously for fitness or just have a splash around for fun, it’s a great option to get them active. 


First and foremost, taking the family down to the pool is always going to be great exercise for parents, but in a fun environment. It also allows family bonding time, and the time to teach your children about being safe in the water and how to swim. Or even if you’re not a confident swimmer yourself, it can be the perfect opportunity to take some swimming lessons to join in on the family fun.


You can even get Gran & Grandad involved as swimming is an ideal low impact form of exercise for older generations. It’s easy on the joints and strengthens muscles so can keep older people active whilst having time with their family. 


Getting active on a regular basis can add years to your life - and swimming in a pool, especially with your family around you, is far more pleasurable than braving the petrol fumes while jogging or cycling, or going to the gym alone any day of the week.

The tricky part is just committing yourself to do it. Why not have a family meeting to discuss the idea, and make some plans to try it out? Once you do, you'll wonder why you waited so long!