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Swimmers - Why you should begin Land Training!

Yes, swimming requires water. But your swim training doesn't have to stop once you get out of the pool. If for any reason you cannot attend your swim time, or you’re looking to enhance your performance, then land training will help you to continue progressing whilst maintaining a swim-style session on dry land. Land training can be done as a body weight exercise, resistance training or by using free weights, all are dependent on what you would like to accomplish from your session. It helps to boost your performance and create muscle definition.

Isolating Muscle Groups:

Obliques and Abdominals - Core - a strong core in swimming is fundamental in promoting good balance, positioning and technique. Choosing to work on your core strength and flexibility will improve on your overall training, every stroke requires good balance and core engagement to keep your body streamlined and your technique efficient.
Recommended Body Weight Exercises:

 - Russian Twists
 - Leg Raises 
 - Planking

    Latissimus Dorsi and Trapezius - Shoulders and Back - promoting both strength and flexibility of the shoulder once again enhances your performance and allows for a better range of movement and a more powerful stroke. It's important to ensure you maintain your strength and flexibility as to avoid injuries such as Swimmers Shoulder. 

    Recommended Body Weight Exercises:

     - Pike Push Ups
     - Inchworms 
     - Reverse Fly

      Glutes and Hamstrings - Hips and Upper Leg - Each kick comes from your hip and subsequent power travels down the leg to create the propulsion. Building strength and maintaining flexibility will continue to promote a streamline posture and generate more power, whilst lessening the likelihood of injury.

      Recommended Body Weight Exercises:

       - Lunges
       - Flutter Kicks
       - Plank Knee to Elbow

        Resistance Training:

        Resistance bands are a great way to perform a quick and effective session in your land training. Using a resistance band offers an enhanced session. When swimming you are combatting the natural water resistance through each of your stroke pull and kick, therefore by increasing resistance in your land training you will be building your speed, power, strength and muscular endurance which will transfer into your swimming performance and will help you to hit that new Personal Best.

        There are several different kinds of workouts you can perform with a resistance band, whether you choose to mimic your swim stroke or concentrate more on a specific muscle group. 

        A handful of exercises we recommend are:

         - Sumo Squats
         - Internal/External Rotations
         - Double Arm Row
         - Fire Hydrant
         - Swim Pull

          You can also easily take your resistance band with you anywhere you go, meaning that if on your lunch break, on holiday, or you can only spare a few minutes in intervals throughout the day, you could squeeze in a session when it's most convenient. 

          When you begin training with a resistance band, start with a ‘light’ band and allow yourself to gradually progress to a higher resistance.


          There is no argument when we say swimming is always better in the pool, but to be able to concentrate on an isolated muscle group and build your strength and power can only improve your overall performance. Next-time you are unable to make it to the pool, or if you’re just looking to mix your training up, perhaps try land-based training.