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Why You Should Invest In UV Swimwear For Your Kids


While you're on holiday with your family it can be tricky to ensure your children have the right amount of sun protection throughout the day, especially if you are out at the beach or by the pool.


So, investing in kids swimwear, that is specifically designed to keep your children’s skin protected, can take a huge amount of pressure off of your holiday planning. UV Swimwear is the way to go and here are a few reasons why:



Guaranteed Sun Protection

Without stating the absolute obvious, UV protection swimwear covers as much of your child’s skin as possible, drastically reducing the chances of being burnt in sensitive places such as shoulders and backs.


A child’s skin is incredibly delicate which means they can be more likely to burn from a small amount of sun exposure. Baby swimsuits such as the Splash About UV All in One will protect your baby from head to toe so you can rest assured that your baby has maximum coverage.


Shop boys sun protection swimwear, or girls sun protection swimwear to find the best solution for your family.




Reduce Risk of UV Radiation

At Simply Swim, we’re dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the right swimwear advice for their needs, which is why it is important that our customers understand the risks of UV radiation.


Children’s skin is only one-fifth as thick as adult skin. This means the skin’s barrier function is less effective. Less effective barriers consequently increase your child’s risk of being exposed to UV radiation. UV radiation can cause skin cancer as well as other damaging skin conditions.



Therefore, it is best to invest in children’s swimwear which offers high UV protection, such as a UPF 50+ range.


UPF is a metric that shows the density of a fabric, and ultimately shows how much protection your child will receive against UV radiation. The higher the UPF indicates how densely woven the swimwear fabric is, which offers protection from the sun’s rays.


While you are shopping, look for UV swimwear labelled as UPF 50. This allows less than 2% UV radiation through its fabric, so your child will have the highest amount of protection available in a swimwear fabric. Splash About is a great swimwear brand that offers many products with UPF 50+ protection, or shop our girls or boys sun protection swimwear.




More Reliable Than Sunscreen

You’re on your family holiday, the children are having an amazing time but you can’t seem to shrug the worrying thoughts that you might have missed a patch of skin when you were applying sunscreen (again). While this may not initially bother your children, this shouldn’t have to be a holiday worry for you either.


UV swimwear provides you with reassurance, and reliability, that you cannot get with sunscreen. It means that you can leave your children to jump in and out of the pool, or in and out of the sea, as many times as they like knowing that they have maximum sun protection both in and out of the water.


So, sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that your children are safely, easily and quickly protected. However, remember to add sunscreen to their face, as well as regularly checking that they have drunk enough water, and that their heads are also protected from the sun.


Shop sun protection swimwear for boys or girls.




Simply Swim’s Favourite UV Swimwear


For The Animal Lover

This gecko-themed UV combi - gecko from Splash About is specifically designed to keep your child warm and sun protected, without reducing their movement and flexibility.


It is chlorine resistant, has UPF 50+ sun protection, and is made from a soft nylon Lycra UV fabric meaning it is perfect for a day at the beach!




For The Ambitious Swimmer


Let your child grow with confidence in the pool with this UV floatsuit with zip from Splash About. All of the floats can be removed so your child can find the right buoyancy for them.


The floats have been strategically positioned to allow your child to swim in a natural position, prompting learning every time they hit the water.





Investing in UV swimwear for your kids means you can unwind and relax on your holiday knowing that your children are efficiently and safely protected with their sun protection swimwear.  Shop kid’s swimwear.


There are many types of UV swimwear available for men and women too. So, browse our full range of swimwear to find the right swimwear for you.