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Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park is a top Dubai attraction and anybody going to Dubai should definitely check it out! It's one of the few places where you and your whole family can spend the entire day having lots of fun. The park's ideally located in Jumeirah close to the Jumeirah Beach Road, the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, so the guest staying here only have a few minutes trip to the water park. You will find your traditional slides at Wild Wadi which go downhill and can seat either one or two people, but there are also different rides perfect for visitors who crave extreme fun and excitement. For these thrill seekers, they can head to the Falcon Fury, Rushing Rapids, Tunnel of Doom, Thunder Rapids and the Tumble Falls. For some family fun, head to the Family Ride. The first part of the ride is called the Summit Surge where riders get blasted uphill in a pool area, the second part, Rushdown Ravine takes you on a 560ft downhill slide – great fun for all the family to enjoy! Another great attraction at Wild Wadi is Breakers Bay which is said to be the largest wave pool of the Middle East. Swimmers can enjoy the the 5ft waves which come splashing at them from all directions. If you're looking for bigger thrills and like the idea of a very fast free-fall, then try out the Jumeirah Sceirah where the adrenalin rush will leave you buzzing. For all the surfers out there, try your hand at the surfing simulators which shoot out water in great sheets. There's other surfing rides too like the Flow Riders, Ripetide and Wipout. The realistic effects of the surfing rides allow riders to get a feel for body board surfing and knee board surfing. As well as having fun in the water, you can enjoy your lunch in one of the three restaurants on the 12-acre site and if you get a bit peckish in between meals, there's lots of snack bars dotted around to keep your hunger satisfied.