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Your Guide To Men's Swimwear Options

When it comes to men's swimwear there are plenty of different options to choose from. From classic Speedos to funky Bermuda shorts, you can ensure you look your best on the beach, by the pool, or simply splashing about in the paddling pool with the kids at home! If you’re looking for swimwear to partake in sport you’ll be searching for aquashorts, briefs or jammers that give you the utmost in comfort and allow you to glide through the water with minimal drag. Alternatively, if you’re on the lookout for swimwear for the beach, there are lots of options available that will ensure you look your best whilst also feeling comfortable. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.

Performance Swimwear

For those competing in a swimming event, close fitting swimwear is ideal as it is designed for performance and will minimise water drag and give good freedom of movement. Speedo style swimming jammers for example are a popular choice and you might want to look into investing in one of the high performance jammers that are becoming very popular with competing swimmers today. It's important that you choose swimwear that fits perfectly as loose fabric can create drag and make a real difference when it comes to beating your competitors and any personal best. It is also important to remember that your swimwear is going to be exposed to chlorine frequently and this can cause swimwear fabrics to perish and to become thin and loose. The good news is that advances in fabric technology and production have given us enhanced fabrics that are not only resistant to chlorine and fast drying but will also retain their shape over time.

Swimwear for the beach or pool

If you are planning your holidays, it's time to think about your swimwear options too. It's a good idea to take at least two items of swimwear with you so that you have fashionable options and you also have one pair to wear whilst the others are drying. Remember that swimwear for lounging by the pool or sitting on the beach and taking a quick dip doesn’t need to be as demanding as swimwear specifically designed for those competing in races. Thankfully, there are many different swimwear options available, such as swim shorts and trunks, so you won't have a problem finding the perfect style to suit your needs.

Swimwear styles

It might be the case that you’ve never worn any form of swimwear before. Don’t let this put you off though, as mentioned there are a number of styles for you to choose from. So if you’re not comfortable in trunks, then see what aquashorts feel like or vice-versa. You want to make a choice based on price and quality, but remember that comfort is equally as important too. You may even find that you are happy to wear a particular style of swimwear that you weren’t so keen on originally, so it’s worth trying them first. You could be wearing your swimwear for a few years to come, so take your time and find the right style for your needs.

Choose good quality swimwear

Spending a little more on your swimwear will ensure that you end up with a better product that’s more likely to last longer too. Men's swimwear fashion doesn't change very much so there is little risk of your swimwear going out of fashion from one year to the next. Look for shorts with an inside lining and perhaps a waterproof pocket if you like to take your keys with you. If you are looking for sportswear for the pool, do your research and read reviews to ensure you buy a good quality product that will aid your performance in the water. Whatever your reason for buying men's swimwear, there is a wealth of choice available and you are sure to find the perfect brief or shorts whether you are reclining on the beach or training for your next competitive event. Take a look at the full range of men’s swimwear options available on the Simply Swim website today. Featured swim image from Bigstock