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Swimming Goggles


Goggles are an important part of a swimmer’s kit. They will protect your eyes in the water, giving you the freedom to swim longer, without the hassle of stinging eyes.

We offer a wide range of goggles for both adults and children. Catering for all tastes and budgets, we have goggles for the leisure swimmer, right up to styles suitable for those racing competitively. We have all the big brands including Speedo, Swans, Aqua Sphere, Vorgee and Arena, as well as many more.

Many of our goggles come with anti-fog technology which will allow you to have a clear view, whether you are on your first lap or 51st.

For glasses wearers, there’s the option of prescription goggles. The pool no longer needs to be out of focus, as you can choose goggles with lenses that suits your prescription.

For those who find traditional goggles uncomfortable, we have mask-style goggles. They will not only give you an increased field of vision, they are generally more comfortable when sitting against the face. The outside seals are excellent for keeping the water out and as such are suitable for more vigorous water sports, as well as indoor swimming.