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Aqua Sphere's new range of swim products are revolutionizing the swimming world with innovation and great quality. Established in the mid 1990's when it introduced the worlds first swim mask, the SEAL, Aqua Sphere are now producing a great range of eyewear products plus a comprehensive range of swim products.

Aqua Sphere began life in 1998 in Genoa, Italy. Since then, the swimming equipment and clothing manufacturer has grown into an international brand of some repute. Their range of products are suited to those interested in swimming training and workouts as well as fitness swimming enthusiasts. Aqua Sphere offer products that are designed to promote better aquatic exercise as well as simple recreational swims. For the more serious competitor they also offer a good range of equipment focusing on triathlon events.

In the early days, Aqua Sphere began its crusade to establish a more comfortable means of wearing eyewear when swimming. Early on, they launched the ground breaking Seal swim mask, which was something of a game-changer in the industry. Aqua Sphere have undoubtedly led the way with aspects of aquatic eye protection, introducing novel sorts of goggles over the years These that often allow for improved peripheral vision by using curved lenses, for instance. This is especially useful for open water swimmers who are competing in groups with plenty of splash and wake to deal with. They also have developed their own distinctive and easy to adjust goggle straps which are designed to provide longer lasting comfort - ideal for endurance swimmers.

These days, Aqua Sphere is a more established brand and its focus is therefore wider. They develop swimming products that are aimed at active swimmers, triathletes and other water sports enthusiasts. The company has earned a well-deserved reputation for technological innovation as well as quality and good comfort levels among its current product range.

For example, their range of ladies swimsuits includes ones that would look equally at home on the beach on a summer holiday as they do in competitive race events at the pool. They are available in many different sizes and not just in those that would suit a typically athletic figure. Many offer a fitness-back, adjustable shoulder straps and a tummy control system so that they are flattering when worn. Equally, Aqua Sphere's range of ladies wetsuits are designed with the same level of attention to detail that you would expect. They afford excellent speed through the water by reducing drag down to a minimal level. Female triathletes often comment on their flexibility, allowing for maximum arm stretches, as well as buoyancy and - most importantly - warmth.

Aqua Sphere offer similar triathlete suits for men as well as compression speedsuits. These are designed to compress the wearer's muscles thereby improving performance by streamlining the body. More suited to the pool than open water, these speedsuits are sleeveless and have a handy quick-release zip mechanism that helps you get out of it quickly - ideal if you have just got out of the pool ready for a transition to a bike stage.

The brand now works with the greatest swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps and coach, Bob Bowman, to innovate new swimming products that will help to develop swimmers at all stages of development and to expand water safety initiatives worldwide. Aqua Sphere's commitment to novel approaches can be seen by the number of patents it possesses in both eye protection and wetsuits technology.

Aqua Sphere
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