Aqua Sphere Kids Goggles

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Revolutionising the world of swimming since their start in 1998, Aqua Sphere goggles in general are innovative in design and when designing their great range of children's goggles, they do not spare any technology. With all the benefits of an adult goggle, Aqua Sphere's kid's goggles have the added bonus of having exciting colours making a swim even more fun.

Working with Olympians and Ironman world champions, Aqua Sphere has made a more comfortable eye wear design for the serious swimmer. When they first started they introduced the world's first swim mask, the SEAL, a design somewhere between a scuba mask and a classic goggle. What does this mean? A wider field of vision as well as greater comfort, perfect for outdoor swimming and water sports. Also, the flexible frame gives it a water tight fit. It was a game changer when introduced.

Ideal for competitive open water swimmers, Aqua Sphere have undoubtedly led the way with aspects of aquatic eye protection, building on their own styles, which is why the SEAL Kid 2 goggle is so celebrated. This improved version of the original has a re-engineered skirt to give an even distribution of pressure for an even more water tight seal, while torsion-free inserts make it more durable and updated side buckles deliver even easier adjustment. Aqua Sphere's quick adjust technology make it simple for kids to correct their goggles themselves with a simple pull of the tab or push of a button to tighten or loosen. The SEAL is just one goggle from their great range of eyewear, so get your kid kitted out with our choice of Aqua Sphere Children's goggles for both infants and juniors.

Aqua Sphere is an international brand, popular with children and parents, giving great products to aid in aquatic exercise. Longer lasting comfort means they can be worn for hours while their wide range of colours mean your children will look cool while they compete.

Aqua Sphere Kids Goggles
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