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Swimming To Lose Weight, Tone Up, Get Fit!

January brings an influx of newcomers to the pool looking to start the new year with a health and fitness kick. Getting started can be challenging but staying consistent can be just as difficult, with some going too much too soon, and others becoming bored and losing interest. So here are our top 5 things to consider when starting out to keep it up!

Start Slow

When you begin there is no shame in starting slow and working to build up your time or sets gradually. Similar to if you were to go to the gym, you wouldn't jump straight into the heavy weights or hours of running on the treadmill. Take your time to improve your stamina and endurance to reduce the onset of muscle soreness and fatigue.


Build a routine that works around you. If you are aiming to swim 5 times a week then, where possible, schedule your sessions on the same days and times, this will improve your chances of keeping your sessions consistent and becoming habitual. 


Add equipment

If you want to challenge yourself or work on a particular area of your body then you could add equipment to your swim. Choosing to add more resistance by introducing fins or hand paddles, or isolate specific muscle groups by introducing a pull buoy or kickboard to your training. Read more about our Training Equipment: Top 5

Mix it up

If simply swimming lengths isn't working for you, or if it starts to become a little repetitive then why not consider an alternative session such as a general leisure swim, swim-fit or aqua aerobics class with a friend as an opportunity to add a bit of fun to your sessions? Alternatively, you could try an open-water swim! Read more about our 6 Ways To Avoid Boredom While Swimming

Plan your sets

Try going into the pool with a clear plan of what you would like to do; how many sets, which strokes, and targeted timeframe, all structured to take the guesswork out of your sessions and allow you to get the most out of your pool time.

So whether you’re planning to lose weight, tone up, get fit or just take on something new this year, swimming just might become your new favourite activity.