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6 ways to avoid boredom while swimming

Todays post is from fitness blogger and triathlon enthusiast Lucy Edwards from


Let’s face it, swimming can be monotonous. The repetition of going from one end of the pool to the other with nothing to look at but the tiles and black line can get seriously mind-numbing. If the boredom becomes overwhelming, it can have an impact on your motivation levels and desire to continue swimming.

There are however, some ways to make pool swimming less tedious and make the most of those lengths.



  • Join a club
  • Swimming solo can be very lonely, so it’s worth considering joining a club for the added motivation of swimming alongside others. A club will widen your social circle and you’ll meet like-minded people. Swimming clubs usually have a structured programme planned for each session which is written by qualified coaches. The coaches are also able to critique your swim stroke and give pointers on how to improve.
  • Listen to music
  • Listening to music as you swim can help you get into a rhythm, feel more energised and focused. There are a wide range of waterproof mp3 players on the market which are designed for swimming, like the Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player. Make a playlist which is the same length as your swimming set and you’ll find that the laps fly by!
  • Meditate
  • The pool is actually the perfect place to practice mindfulness and meditation. Being immersed in water is an escape from every day stresses and responsibilities- there’s no phones or emails to answer while you are swimming. Focus on the present moment, let your mind relax, enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in the water and the rhythm of your breathing.
  • Mix up your stroke
  • If you usually swim freestyle, try adding in some backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly laps to vary your workout. Or try mixing the different strokes- freestyle with dolphin kick or backstroke with breaststroke kick. You’ll get a greater all-over body workout, plus it’s hard to be bored when you are learning a new skill.
  • Use equipment
  • Another way to break up monotony is to add some equipment into your swim routine. Training aids help you to target specific body areas and improve your speed, form, technique and performance. Try fins to develop a powerful and streamlined kick, or hand paddles to build upper body strength and refine your stroke.
  • Try different pools or get outdoors
  • A change of scenery can really make a difference to your motivation for swimming. Try different locations, maybe a Olympic length pool if you are used to swimming in a 25m pool. For the ultimate way to escape boredom, get out of the pool and into open-water. The possibilities are endless when it comes to open-water swimming: lakes, rivers, seas- each adding a sense of adventure to your swim.



 We think this is great advice for any pool swimmer.  What do you think?