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Best Water Parks in Florida

  Florida is widely known for its numerous extravagant theme parks but the state is also home to some of the best water parks in the world. Here's our top picks of the parks you need to make a splash in...  

5. Adventure Island in Tampa

Why not take a relaxing half a mile ride through a rainforest in the Rambling Bayou, this tranquil lazy river will take you thorough a journey of tropical landscapes, rain and fog. Or for an intense thrill you wont be able to miss the Colossal Curl, which is the tallest ride in the park at 70 feet tall. Here you share a raft with three other people as you spin and slide down drops and wave walls. Another raft ride is the Wahoo Run that drops you more than 20 feet per second as you hurtle down a 600-foot water flume tunnel.  

4. Aquatica in Orlando

SeaWorld’s Aquatica is one of the most popular water parks in the USA and it's not hard to see why. What makes this water park stand out above the rest is its animal interaction as visitors can observe dolphins as they play and interact with each other. The Dolphin Plunge is one of the parks most popular rides, on which you speed down clear tubes where you can watch as dolphins zoom past and race alongside you. This park is great for young children as well with many beginner slides and rides.  

3. Wet N Wild Universal Studios in Orlando

Wet N Wild is known as America first water park. Not only was it the first of its kind in the States but it also has a vast array of rides. This includes the Aqua Drag Racer, where you can go head to head with your friends and family as you race 65 feet and plunge into a pool below. The Storm is also a must for thrill seekers, here you drop from a chute into a bowl of fog then spin wildly before you plummet into a pool. But if you want to visit Wet N Wild, you better hurry! The park will unfortunately close at the end of 2016 but will be replaced by Volcano Bay in 2017.  

2. Typhoon Lagoon Disney World in Orlando

Among making some of the most timeless movies of all time, Disney have also excelled in creating some of the best theme parks in the world. Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World is no exception. It's the most visited water park in North America with well over two million visitors every year. Typhoon Lagoon has a tropical beach theme, complimenting the hot Florida state. The Crush n Gusher is a 400 foot long tube slide that propels you up and down before skipping you across the water. This park also has the largest wave pool in the USA, experience the motion of the water with 6 foot waves every ninety seconds!  

1. Blizzard Beach Disney World in Orlando

Blizzard Beach is famous for its fantastic theming and atmosphere. The park is covered in faux snow and ice, cabins and mountains to give the feeling you are in an alpine ski resort. Despite the tropical heat of Orlando you feel immersed in its ambience. However the fantastic theme isn’t the only reason to visit, Blizzard Beach boasts some of the best thrills rides in the USA. It has the tallest and fastest water slide in North America. The Summit Plummet is a 120-foot tall water slide where you reach speeds of 60mph. The park also has a number of racing slides where you can challenge your friends and family, as well as a relaxing lazy river for those after a slower pace of life.   Have you been to any of these water parks? Did we miss one off our list? Let us know in the comments below.