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Butterfly Drill Swimming Advice from Simply Swim

Today we're going to be taking a look at some butterfly drills, so helping you improve your technique and stroke. So one right, one left is our first butterfly drill. Swimming without both arms together, but by alternating the arm between left and right is a great drill for a swimmer that struggles with getting their breathing right. When swimming butterfly, you can breathe to the front or to the side with you cheek on the surface of the water. We recommend breathing to the front, as this allows you to be more streamlined in the water and also focuses on yourself in racing rather than watching every other swimmer in the pool. By not swimming full straight butterfly, you reduce any shoulder fatigue, and so it's great for those who are starting out or haven't got lots of stamina. One right, one left, one full is a drill that works the same way as one right, one left but integrates a full butterfly stroke. So it's a step up from the previous drill. This also allows you to practice what you have developed in the drill by working and using the full stroke. It's a perfect drill for those swimmers who haven't quite got the same stamina to swim full butterfly or want to improve their technique without becoming exhausted. For more videos and advice visit