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Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits : The Benefits

Chlorine is a necessary addition to swimming pools as it helps to kill bacteria and stops the growth of algae in the water. Unfortunately regular exposure to chlorinated water can have an extremely detrimental effect on a swimsuit and causes irreversible damage to the fabric. Luckily these days there is now a wide choice of chlorine resistant swimsuits available to buy. Most of the major brands have now developed their own dedicated fabrics to enable them to provide a higher level of chlorine resistance, which is great for any one who swims in a pool.  Look out for brand developed fabrics such as which is used in the Speedo Endurance+ range and Aqualast from Zoggs when choosing swimwear that is chlorine resistant. Here are the benefits of using a chlorine resistant swimsuit, particularly if you are a regular swimmer.  

Longer Lasting

A swimsuit which offers 100 percent resistance to chlorine may last up to four times longer than a standard piece of swimwear. This makes a big difference, especially if you are a serious swimmer who has regular training sessions. Zoggs claim that swimsuits made from their Aqualast fabric will last for at least 600 hours in the pool which is much much longer than most standard swim fabrics.  


Exposure to chlorine can eat into the fabric of a swimsuit over time which will have an impact on the shape and make it a looser fit. The fabric of a chlorine resistant swimsuit will often contain a higher proportion of polyester which makes it denser and less likely to lose shape quickly. The Endurance+ fabric from Speedo offers 100 percent chlorine resistant and has a unique four way stretch to ensure that the swimsuit will contain to provide a high quality fit.  


The fact that the chlorine is prevented from eating into the fabric means that the colour of the swimsuit will not fade, meaning that you can be confident that your swimsuit will continue to look good both in and out of the water, instead of looking tatty old and tired. All chlorine resistant swimsuits will give some level of protection against fading and Speedo state that Endurance+ offers 20 percent more resistance than a normal swimsuit.  


Accidents happen but it can be really annoying if you catch your swimsuit on something and snag the fabric, especially if it's new! Many chlorine resistant fabrics are also snag resistant and can reduce the chances of this happening as the fabric is thicker and made from tougher materials. In the event that you snag your swimsuit on something it is less likely to tear and become unwearable.  

Cost effective

A swimsuit which provides 100 percent resistance to chlorine is normally only a little more expensive than a standard swimsuit or a swimsuit from a high street fashion retailer. Be careful about buying a swimsuit from a retailer who doesn't specialise in swimwear but produces cheap fashionable items as a part of their summer ranges, as these rarely use long-lasting and hard wearing fabrics and can often go see through! You should consider that the initial cost my be higher when investing in chlorine resistant swimwear but this is balanced out by the fact that your swimsuit will last much longer before it needs to be replaced. You should try to view the chlorine resistant swimsuit as an investment that will bring you long term savings and long lasting fun in the pool!