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Choosing Children's Swimming Goggles


Swimming goggles are an essential piece of kit for children as it protects their eyes from stinging chlorine and any potential bacteria. Goggles are also a great way to encourage them to put their head underwater, which builds their confidence and their swimming ability.


Whilst swimming goggles are a great comfort to young swimmers it is also worth getting them to practice without them occasionally. Swimming without goggles can help your child gain even more confidence in the water and can help them to panic less if they find themselves in water accidentally without goggles in the future.



These goggles are suitable for children between ages 2 and 6 years old. Comfort and a good seal is the main priority when choosing goggles for your child. If the goggles are uncomfortable or let water in, this could be uncomfortable for the child, so make sure the seal is correct when purchasing a pair. Our infant range features many different colours, characters and shapes to help encourage your child to wear them as they are fun and bright.



Our junior goggle range is suitable for children ages 6-14 years. Our junior range is a step up from the infant range as there are a variety of styles including racer, masks, and character goggles. Some of our junior goggles may even fit adults with smaller features. Mask goggles are great for children as they give a great seal and a wider range of vision so that they can see more when they are underwater. Our racer ones are great for those older children getting into competitive swimming.


When it comes to fitting swimming goggles it can get tricky. Too loose and water might get in, but too tight and it can cause your child discomfort. Check out our post for a complete guide to fitting new goggles check.


You can shop our full range of kid's goggles here.