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Every Body Welcome

Body Confidence is an issue that we all face year round - it isn't exclusive to age or gender.  Everyone has insecurities that play on their mind and when it comes to the idea of other people's perception of ourselves and our bodies, it can lead to stress, heightened anxiety and even depression. 

Many people find it hard to buy clothes that they feel confident in and when it comes to summer, those insecurities are frequently brought to the surface; due to the hotter weather and the need for lighter, lower-coverage clothing. However, the hardest thing for many people to face is the idea of themselves in swimwear.

Many go on fad diets in an attempt to find their ‘summer body’, others try sudden frequent but irregular workouts to feel a slight boost of confidence, and failing that many people choose to cover up.  

At Simply Swim we want everyone to embrace their body and feel confident in the skin they’re in. By providing top-quality swimwear which will make you feel great we can make sure that everyone has the confidence to go swimming - helping to boost the overall physical and mental health of all of our customers. Whether you are looking for tummy control costumes, rash tops or jammers, we have all this and more to help you to feel your best.