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Flatter yourself in a bodyshaping swimsuit

  A survey recently revealed that one of the biggest turn offs for swimmers, especially ladies, is being seen in a swimming costume. Women-only swimming sessions can make a difference to these ladies, who will feel less embarrassed about swimming without the guys around. But there is another alternative.  Our range of body shaping or legged swim suits can help to give women more confidence in the swimming pool. Body shaper swim suits help to keep everything in place, such as trimming and pulling in the stomach area, giving more chest support and helping you to look leaner and fitter. These swim suits are not just for plus-size women, either, also they are particularly popular with women who have larger busts.

Go for a legsuit

One of the areas of the body that many women dislike is their upper thighs. Legsuits have the advantage of having built-in shorts that go down to the middle of the thigh or the knee. These swimsuits are very comfortable (and you’ll be in good company since many top swimmers and triathletes wear them!) and great for covering any areas that feel a bit flabby. If you have a larger chest, choose a legsuit that has a built in bra.

Support and control while swimming

These are the words that you are looking for when choosing a nip-and-tuck swimsuit. You want support around the bust and control around the waist and bum.

Speedo Sculpture swimming costumes

The Speedo Sculpture range includes swimsuits that give shape and support to your body and have the advantage of increased resistance to chlorine, making them ideal for frequent pool use. The Finesse U- Back swimsuit, for example, shapes and lifts the bust; holds and flattens the stomach and smooths the bodyline.

It’s all in the detail

Subtle features, such as ruching at the bust and lower legs, help to disguise those areas of your body that make you most self-conscious. If you’re smaller chested choose a swimsuit that has built in bust padding, while for larger ladies an in-built bra support is a great plus. Look for higher neck swimsuits if you want to avoid a cleavage in the pool and higher back suits are also great for hiding other areas of your body. One colour swimsuits are also flattering, especially black legsuits, which can make you look taller and slimmer. Brightly patterned designs are also a great choice for creating a slimmer you. Side panels can be really slimming, too, and a stripe or line around your middle under your chest can appear to lift your waist. Go on, choose the right suit for your body and give swimming a go. If you keep at it, you’ll no longer need to worry about your physique because the swimming will leave your toned and slimmer anyway!