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Front Crawl Tumble Turn

Video Transcript…. Front Crawl, also known as 'freestyle' is the most efficient swimming stroke to use and the fastest swimming stroke in competitive racing. The basic touch turn is for beginners, but the flip turn is a much faster turn for those interested in increasing their speed through the water. Some people think this turn can be complicated, but by following these simple steps you can start introducing the tumble turn to your swimming training. How To Perform Swim towards the wall into you're about 1 metre away, and just past the T mark seen at the bottom of the swimming pool. Pull your leading arm into your body and tuck your chin to your chest. As your hand reaches your chest, begin to roll your body round. Place both feet on the wall facing the surface of the water, shoulder width apart and with your knees bent. Having your knees bent is essential to give you power when pushing off the wall. Put your arms in the streamline position and use the butterfly leg kick for 3 large kicks to add more power and then continue with the front crawl legs.  Naturally rise away from the bottom of the swimming pool and when your head is close to breaking the surface of the water, make your first arm pull. So to summarise:
  1. Performing a tumble turn can make your swimming faster and more efficient.
  2. Don't slow down when swimming towards the wall as you won't rotate your body fast enough and you won't complete your tumble turn.
  3. When you have mastered your front crawl tumble turn, then you can move onto the backstroke tumble turn.
  So that's the front crawl tumble turn! Thanks for watching and don't forget to check out our other advice videos and online swim store at For more videos visit us on Youtube