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Greatest Moments in Olympic Swimming

Swimming is one of the main staples of the Olympic Games, having started in 1896 it has since become one of the most popular sporting events. To celebrate this during the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio, here are five of the greatest moments in Olympic Swimming History...  

First Ever Swimming Gold

We can’t have a list of the greatest moments in Olympic swimming without talking about the first swimming event in 1896.  Alfred Hajos was a Hungarian who became the first modern Olympic swimming champion. He won both the 100m and 1200m freestyle on the same day.

First Swimmer to win seven gold medals

In 1972 Mark Spitz was entered into seven events at the Munich games and guess what he only won them all! Not only that but Mark and his teammates broke seven world records in the relay set which included the 100 meter freestyle, 100 butterfly, 400 free style relay and many more.

Katie Ledecky

Ledecky who was only 15 years old when she took part in the 2012 Olympic games. So no one was expecting this young girl to receive gold in the 800m freestyle. It was the second fastest performance ever, coming six tenths of a second to beating the top record. Since then she has set many swimming records and even breaks them!

Michael Phelps 8 for 8 Gold Medals

In one of the greatest feats accomplished by any Olympic athlete, Michael Phelps performed the impossible. At the 2008 Beijing Games Phelps overtook the former record holder Mark Spitz to finish first place eight times in one Olympic Games.

One-Hundredth of a Second

Michael Phelps breaks another record. 100m butterfly race. Michael Phelps narrowly beats Milorad Cavic by one-hundredth of a second. This is the closest margin in the history of Olympic swimming     There are so many amazing moments in the long history of Olympic swimming. What are some of your favourites? Are you enjoying the Olympic Games in Brazil?