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Guys, do you need some advice on which swimwear to choose?

There are so many types of men’s swimwear around today it’s a nightmare to know which type are ideal for your water sport and will suit your body shape best.



Men's swim briefs are the most traditional item of swimwear available and are available from the majority of leading swimwear brands including Speedo and Funky Trunks. They give the least amount of coverage but give the most support whilst in the water. Swimming briefs are ideal for regular pool use and training as they don’t cause heavy drag in the water and often come with a chlorine resistant material. Briefs are also a popular choice for racing and performance swimming as they are minimal fabric and close fitting.



Swimming Trunks

Swimming trunks are similar to briefs but give a little more coverage, they are pretty much half way between a brief and a jammer. The short leg length allows you to have a great range of movement in the water and give little drag in the water.



Jammers are a knee length swim short with a close fitting style and give much more coverage than aquashorts or briefs. These are a firm favourite with competitive swimmers in both training and performing. If needing a pair for swimming training or regular pool use choose a fabric with chlorine resistancy like the Speedo Endurance Plus fabric or Xtra Life Lycra. When performing it isn't essential to have a chlorine resistant fabric but to have a fabric which is tight fitting and compresses the muscles slightly.



Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are a hugely popular choice with leisure swimmers or those who spend time in and out of the water as they are often quick drying, sometimes offer UV protection for outdoor use and of course look great. Swim shorts can come in different lengths from knee length to board length.




Choosing your swimwear


We know that men come in a lot of different shapes and sizes so it is important to choose swimwear best suited to your shape. Need some help?


Tall and big? Then it isn’t so much the style of the swimwear that you need to worry about, but the pattern. Go for a block colour over a print and if you do choose a print then choose small patterns


Tall and slim guys are best suited to a baggy, board short style for the summer as this will help to bulk up your size a little if you are conscious of being thin. Just don’t go way over the top with the bagginess of your short!


Those with a short and athletic build are better off going with a brief, trunk or shorter length short to give the appearance of being taller. A low waistband with show off your abs but it’s best to avoid the long board shorts.


Tall and athletic builds are lucky and can wear any style of swimwear. Just go for a great colour to match your skin tone.


Carrying a little extra weight? Go for a loose fitting, board short style for spending time down the beach or relaxing in the sun and a swim short for leisure swimming if you feeling a bit more self-conscious.