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Henley Swim 2016

On the 10th July I was invited to the Henley Mile, which was sponsored Simply Swim. For those of you who don’t know, The Henley Mile is an open water mile long straight swim in the River Thames held in Henley Royal Regatta.   Henley-Swim-2016-1   The event was great fun with swimmers coming from all across the country to take part. The Henley Mile catered to everyone from newbies to professionals, starting from just eight years old all the way to a seventy six year old. Upon registration the eager swimmers were given a Simply Swim string bag, complete with goodies inside as well as a swimming cap. There was a large collage of colourful caps as swimmers eagerly waited to jump into the Thames and begin their swim.   Henley-Swim-2016-2   At first the weather was not on their side. The first group of swimmers had to contend with sporadic bouts of rain. But the weather soon gave way to sunshine and by the afternoon people we’re sunbathing on the grass. Some of the more competitive swimmers raced forward in an effort to be one of the first to cross the finish line. While others, took their time and had a leisurely swim to the end. Family, friends and pets would follow on from the waters edge and shouted words of encouragement. Children cheered on their parents, parents motivated their children and dogs barked on their owners.   Henley-Swim-2016-3   A mile later at the finish line the weary swimmers emerged from the water and were rewarded with a Henley medal. But the real reward was being able to celebrate their achievement with their loved ones. The Henley Mile was a fantastic event and I would highly recommend any budding or professional swimmers to take part. Even if you are not a swimmer you can still relax and soak up in the excitement of the day.   Henley-Swim-2016-4     Have you ever taken part in the Henley Swim? For more info check out the Henley Swim website.