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How to Assemble Swedish Goggles - Malmsten

Swedish Goggles
Malmsten goggles are the original Swedish performance goggles, designed by founder Tommy Malmsten and introduced to the world of competitive swimming in 1975 as the perfect individual fitting goggles for elite swimmers.
These goggles are designed for competitions and are approved by the International Swimming Federation, stamped with a FINA approved seal. These low profile goggles are great for swimmers looking to minimise drag due to their customisable design.
Assembled by you, for you.
These goggles arrive disassembled in 5 parts for the ultimate customisable fit for each individual.

Each of the parts you will receive to assemble your goggles are:
  • 2x Lenses   
  • 1x Nose Piece
  • 1x Nose Band 
  • 1x Latex Strap
  •  .

    The Malmsten goggles straps do not have adjustment options. These goggles are assembled by threading the strap through the lens to create a single or double banded strap.
    For a single band strap, you would thread the ends of the strap through each lens and tie a knot next to each of the lenses to the desired tension - keeping the goggles on securely. 
    For a double banded strap, which is recommended, you would thread the ends of the strap through the lens, then loop back around and tie them to the desired tension around the back of the head. This will leave you with a double band strap which can be used to evenly distribute the tension across the head.
    One you have tied the straps to the desired tension the goggles will then remain fastened, keeping the goggles secure and leak-free. Once you have customised your goggles to your perfect fit, you could then trim the excess strap to then either dispose of, or you could save it for your Nose Bridge (see below).
    Please Note, its recommended that you thread the strap as a double band to distribute the tension across the head. 
    Nose Bridge Options:
    Nose Band through Nose Piece:
    The first option is to thread the String Nose Band through the Silicone Tube Nose Piece - you will find these from the parts available within your package. Simply thread the string through the tube, then through the slots in the lenses and tighten the knot at the desired length. Once you are happy with your Nose Bridge, you can then trim the excess string.
    Excess Strap:
    A common misconception is that there would be an additional strap available within your goggles pack - an elastic nose bridge, however the idea behind the elastic nose bridge is that by using an offcut from your excess goggle strap you can fashion an elasticated nose bridge. 
    Though there are no additional pieces provided, the strap is designed to be long enough to accommodate for the nose bridge.
    These goggles were created with a low profile for minimal drag and keeping you streamline through the water; designed without a gasket or additional rubber seal around the lenses in order to fit flush into the eye socket, creating a natural seal. These goggles also offer great UV protection against light glare and come in a range of colours and even with mirrored lenses. 
    Goggle Care:
    Once fitted, do not keep adjusting them. They shouldn't need regular adjustment if they are fitted correctly. Keep the lenses free from dirt and grease. Rinse your goggles in cold water after each use to stop them degrading. Do not wipe or rub the lenses.