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How To Develop Your Leg Kick

    This week we are back at the pool with Richard for another video in our 'Learn to Swim' series for adults. If you are new to swimming and looking for a way to increase strength and stability of your leg kick in the water, then Richard shows you 2 swim drills to give added power and propulsion when kicking. There is a full transcript of the video below if you prefer to read through the guide.   Having a good leg kick is a integral part of your stroke, as it supplies you with stability first and foremost. Start with this simple drill. Walk up and down the pool imagining there is a football on the surface of the water, try and kick the football but when kicking point your toes and feel the pressure of the water on the shin and the tops of your feet. This drill will allow you to feel the water pushing against the leg as it should when you're kicking. There will not be this much movement during your kick. You can do this next drill with or without a float, we always advise learning without aids first. Arms extended in front, first push and glide off the wall as far as you can, remember to hold a good strong, straight and long body position, repeat this until you're comfortable doing it. Now perform the same drill but after a 2 second glide start to slowly kick your legs, make sure that your feet always just break the surface of the water and don't kick too deep. Do this as far as you can then repeat. As you feel more confident, increase the speed of your legs, always remembering to feel the pressure of the water against the shin and the top of the foot whilst holding a good strong body position.